Garden Design Service


Contemporary, coastal town garden

Contemporary, coastal town garden

At Muddy Wellies Gardens, we work with you to create a plan for your garden, we show you the plan view but also create a 3D visual, take a look at the example below.

Entrance Steps

Entrance steps
Squared-off and rearranged. Risers clad with Victorian Style blue/white pattern tiles.

Wooden Arch

Wooden Arch
Painted blue/white.

Cordyline palm cleaned

Cordyline palm cleaned up and retained

Reskin wall

Add new skin to wall, on house side with riven slate cladding. Rendered and painted cap. Filled with Agave and Succulents with feature lighting on Agave.


Lawn, replaced, levelling out imperfections.


Long border, block and rendered, painted white. rendered top. Filled with Sempervivum, Echeveria and Agapanthus

Palm feature spotlight

Feature Spotlight for Pheonix palm.

Wildlife run

Gap between seating area and long border for wildlife run.

Low Wall

Low Wall creating retainer for seating area. Filled with white gravel and Spanish white pebbles

New fence

New Fence

Bird Bath

Bird bath, within small circular wall, rendered, with occasional tile. White pebbles inside planted with succulents.


Area behind shed for composting/wildlife.

Softwood Shed

Softwood Shed on block base.
Front clad to emulate New England Coastal style rest of shed painted.


Lean-to Greenhouse

Path to shed

Path to Shed, Kandla grey porcelain.

Raised Beds

Raised Beds

Painted shed

Softwood and painted shed same dimensions as existing.

Hot Tub

Hot Tub


Kandla grey Porcelain paving, 600mmx600mm
Square grid laying pattern. Pointed with Flowpoint light grey or similar.


Step, Risers clad with Victorian style blue/white pattern tiles. Highlighted with lights.

Entrance View

Entrance View

An archway at the beginning of the garden is a good welcoming device. It adds height and structure. The Square trellis echoes the tiling pattern. It will be a bought item and painted to match the colour scheme in the garden. The feature will be installed on U-shape post anchors so the wood stays above ground level, protecting it from rot and strimming. The entrance steps are to be squared off and rearranged to provide 3 equal steps at a more comfortable ratio than the 2 that are currently in place. The risers will be clad with Victorian style blue/white pattern tiles with white pointing.




The Patio will be reduced in length to the end of the hot tub shed and squared-off. The Patio will be laid with Kandla grey porcelain tiles. They have a natural sandstone characteristic. Laid in a grid pattern with a 5mm pointing gap that will be filled with Flowpoint natural grey.


A new timber hot tub shed will be constructed keeping to the style with similar dimensions as the existing plastic one. Specified as painted softwood. The edge of the Patio and step will also have the pattern tile.


The Hot tub will be framed with the pattern tiles to provide interest.


Kandla Grey Porcelain paving Provided as 600mx600m square tiles


Flowpoint Natural Grey Pointing


Tile trim

Long Wall Border

Long Wall Border

Extending from the old granite wall at the entrance, to the Pheonix palm near the bottom of the garden and raising only 400-500mm tall. The wall is a simple block and render construction. On the top in corners and at intervals between a Blue pattern tile will be laid for added interest. It will be 'mulched' with the Spanish white pebbles, planting will be simple and as illustrated.


False posts will be added to the fence and painted white to continue the colour theme throughout. The shorter wall will have a new skin added and the whole wall will be clad in grey slate strips. Metal corner trim will be used, the same style as what will be along the steps to create a flush and clean line.

The top will be filled with Spanish white pebbles, planted as illustrated with lights. (see Lighting for details).


Slate Cladding


Corner Trim

Bottom Seating

Bottom Seating

A low wall will surround the bottom seating area. Like the long border wall, it will be rendered and painted white to give a crisp clean finish. This acts as a retainer for the white gravel within. The wall will be topped with pattern tiles on the corners for interest.

At the bottom boundary line, the ground will be raised up to increase the views whilst sitting down and reduce the slope. A new low fence will be installed in the same style as the existing fence along the bottom boundary and to separate the seating area with the large shrubs. (Painted vertical featheredge)


The bird bath will be made a feature of by adding a low circular wall that will be rendered in the same style as the other walls. Pattern tiles will be placed intermittently around the edge. The space between will be filled with white pebbles and planted with succulents. The egg chair pictured is just for illustrative purposes.

For items like this it is the responsibility of the client to source. If any fixing is necessary we would be happy to install those features.



These are examples of what is suggested. The actual models used may be different. There will be opportunity to confirm choices when the materials are being sourced. The spike lights will be partially buried by the Spanish pebbles so only part of the light will be visible. The lighting and electrics will be subcontracted to a qualified electrician.


LED Strip light that will be mounted to the underside of the step edge to cast light downwards against the tiled riser.


LED Stainless steel spike spotlight to be used either side of each agave and one to highlight the Phoenix palm.



These are examples of the kind of plants we are thinking about. It is not an exhaustive list and is dependent on availability at procurement.


Aeonium 'Phoenix Flame'


Sempervivum arachnoidium


Sempervivum tectorum


Agapanthus africanus 'Twister'

Twister is a compact agapanthus upto 0.5m. It flowers prolifically in blue and white bicolour in July. The leaves are semi-evergreen, depending on temperature.


Agave victoriae-reginae

A beautiful, compact agave that has a height and spread upto 0.5m. It may need fleecing to protect from frosts. Or better, kept planted in a pot and sunk into the wall so it can be moved indoors over winter.


Canna 'Verdi'

Canna are tolerant of frost and have a similar tropical look with bright flowers.
There are a number of varieties to choose from. There are yellows, oranges, red and pinks with a variety of foliage colours too.